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Our love for amazing bread is at the heart of what we do ...

From our bakehouse in Farnham, our team of dedicated bakers work through the night and day to fill the shelves at our four bakeries and coffee shops in Surrey and Hampshire.

If you're not out and about we can also deliver via Deliveroo (Farnham and Godalming only).

We like to be fussy when it comes to choosing our ingredients because

we know you'll appreciate the difference....

We use only locally sourced free range eggs.

The chocolate in our rich brownies  cakes is finest Belgian.

The flour for our bread and cakes is of the highest quality and milled in the Cotswolds.

Our sourdoughs are made with organic wheat, rye and spelt flours.

Our fruit and vegetables are blended fresh with fruit juice to create our healthy smoothies - no concentrates with added sugar at Loaf!

We spend that little extra to give you the taste of Italy's favored Illy brand for our coffees.

Whenever possible we buy from local suppliers to reduce environmental impact and

support our region's economy.

We try to do our bit for the environment as well ...    

Whenever possible, we make decisions with the planet in mind...

We keep packaging and the use of plastic to a minimum.

There are large paper bags as an option to plastic.

All our straws and cutlery are recyclable

We have invested in a sophisticated till system to monitor and reduce food waste.

Our aim is to reduce the number of packaged sandwiches and rolls to a minimum so that we can

limit the use of non-environmentally friendly wrapping.

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